Being several,
you learn to read on your own


Children see us doing all sorts of things and then, they want to do these things themselves. If they see us reading, they will read.

To witness reading acts (or actions)
Do not be afraid to read them texts that interest them, even if we think these texts are too complex for their comprehension.

To be associated with various reading practices
They will learn how to read different types of written documents, such as stories, newspapers, letters, notices...

To be familiarized with all written documents
Of course, we will register them at the library, we will offer them books, we will cut up articles from our newspapers about the things they like, and we will write them letters.

Being addressee of  written documents
We will never think that they are too little to ask questions about what is written and get the real answers.

To get a reader's status
 So, they will make reading a necessary aid for the life they begin to choose, even very small.

.Getting power on your (their?) life
These conditions remain present, simultaneously, in order to increase a child’s chances of learning how to read, but these are not guaranteed, they are necessary but perhaps not enough.