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Seven proposals for a global policy on reading

1. Involvement of each individual in responsibility and power The increase in the number of readers comes from an evolution in power sharing and from both collective and individual involvement and responsibility. A community only produces the number of readers that it requires, that is to say people who are capable of feeling, sharing and practising a certain relationship to the world, a behaviour built on distancing and theorising the experience in progress to transform it and understand it....


Seven conditions and no more deciphering

by Yvanne Chenouf

« If I no longer teach them to how to decipher, what can I do? » Desperate teachers ask us. « We have an answer for them, - it is not necessary to focus on this problem but they have to work as far as possible and simultaneously with each condition that allows a way to enter into writing. Don’t worry about deciphering! It will decline as they progress. This is only because you put into place new conditions that children can create a specific system, so different from « grapho-phono » strategies and it’s not because the teacher’s decision is to remove this part from his teaching program that makes it coherent. » So, Jean Foucambert in « Actes de Lectures n°19 – 1987 » introduces the characteristics surrounding for a new pedagogic situation. These situations exist and they try to support the following conditions...


From the message to the code

Recall of the principles that direct us (Jean Foucambert)

Supposing the meeting of writing constitutes a linguistic working knowledge is conceiving proceedings considering the apprentice will meet the code through the message. The message, it’s the object produced by those already using that language to exchange what it allows to conceive, in a wider sense, the social conditions in which this message is conveyed, welcome, treated,sent back,in short,integrated in a dialogue.


Six conditions to become a reader

Being several, you learn to read on your own.


The Vidéographix Project Understanding written text when you are deaf

The Association Française pour la Lecture (AFL) (the French Reading Association) has a particular interest for the way in which reading is acquired, not only by pupils who can hear (the hearing) but also by deaf. For several years now (about 15 years), some members of the Association have studied the way deaf pupils learn to read.


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