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 Presentation of association

AFL is agreed education association complementary of public teaching and youth popular education association.  
It’s a teaching group, that’s for it is headquartered in the CLIMOPE “Comité de Liaison des Mouvements Pédagogiques” (relationship between teaching movement committee)
With CEMEA, CRAP, FOEVEN, FRANCAS, GFEN, ICEM, Ligue de l’enseignement and OCCE).
It gathers together parents, teachers, librarians, educators, professionals of books, local representatives, militants of associative, unionized and political lives, and people who are engaged in the transformation of reading and writing practices.

Based on the works of the INRP “Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique” (National institute for teaching research),  AFL lead many actions for the social uses of writing, to experiment, evaluate and generalize innovations in the reading politics domain.

AFL has also experimentally created and continue to keep track of the BCD, reading class, reading town and, not to forget, the creation of the first teaching software...

AFL is an associative structure without lucrative goal. Money of its productions is reinvested in research and in the beginning of new operation.

AFL is composed by local groups in different French regions, representative and software relay persons. 

 The association magazine

The reading battle must reach the goal of the collective proficiency of the ways of produce meaning and it’s all the partners in the town who must take this goal in charge, in all its aspects. To go with them in this part, the quarterly magazine, Les Actes des Lecture, is an ultimate tool, inexhaustible source about reading and writing question in full. Les Actes de Lecture provides information and reflexion, proposing actions on theorical aspects, research and experiences in reading and writing, the BCD and the CDI… Subscribe to the magazine of the AFL.

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The magazines below are available for 6€ (postal taxes free) (except the last 4 numbers when you subscribe it and which are at the price of 10€ (postal taxes free) which the file (or the articles) deal(s) with…

 Collection "lectures experts"

À collection in pocket format! Teachers, training to read texts collectively, have written synthesis of some books they have worked on in their classes. These professional readings mean first that the teaching act begins with the adult engagement in theses books which are said for children.

 Collection "théo-prat"

Some books which describe a innovating teaching practice. This collection is for students who prepare their memoir (?), for teachers who are looking for inspiration from other practices, for the teachers who want to show concrete points or understand  innovation in progress or to invent.